Access over 26.000 reliable international sources in just one click

You may prefer the company profiles from one provider, but think another supplier's financial information is more accurate, while you are certain that a third source's news coverage is more comprehensive.

If you depend on accurate, timely and comprehensive company information for your marketing, sales, business development and even risk assessment efforts, there is really only tool you need. LexisNexis Nexis.

Nexis aggregates information from over 35.000 international sources, including Hoovers, CoreData, Dun & Bradstreet, ICC, Martindale-Hubbell, Investext Analyst Report, SunGard, Datamonitor, Wisers (Chinese news & company information), Standard & Poors and SEC Annual Reports. Plus, news stories from the last 2 years from international language newspapers, magazines and wire stories. If you can't find it in Nexis, it probably does not exist.

Nexis enables you to get valuable insight into your marketplace. You can use the research database of all the international sources it combines to find profiles and news for over 46 million global companies. Use this information to create customized business and financial reports.

Nexis offers:

  • Company and financial information of competitors
  • News of your customers and prospect
  • Critical updates for due diligence, IP, litigation
  • The largest number of sources and functionality in the market
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Nexis benefits at a glance
  • Access unrivalled company information thanks to our 35.000 reliable international sources, including Hoovers, CoreData, Dun & Bradstreet, Standard & Poors, and SEC Annual Reports
  • Make better informed decisions by customizing your research and easily downloading results
  • Stay ahead of the competition and compare your performance with that of your four closest competitors to keep you one step ahead
  • Strengthen customer relationships by sharing knowledge on how business markets and industries are changing.
  • Protect your business and reputation with Nexis's critical information on due diligence, business partners and suppliers, litigation news and intellectual property updates